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Customer Experience Commitment

Every software company will say they have superior support, but…

  • When you pick up the phone to call, do you get to talk to a real person? 
  • Are solutions to your challenges with the software’s functionality made a priority? 
  • Are your tickets addressed in a timely fashion? 
  • When new releases are deployed, do you have a customer success team to walk you through what this means for you?
  • When you add integrations and functionality, is the implementation smooth? 
  • Do you have a team working with you on a consultative level as your facility’s needs evolve?

equivant Corrections believes anyone can build software—it’s a product, the sale of which is transactional. And yes, great software must be built for configurability, expandability, and integrations to provide ease of use across disparate functions and enhanced customization. We do that. But what makes exceptional companies is their commitment to the customer experience—and that is relational. We do that, too. 

Our commitment to the customer experience blends customer care and customer success—and results in a customer success plan. After all, excellent support after the sale and initial implementation is essential to reaping the benefits of the current and future features of the software and integrations you’ve paid for.

Each equivant Corrections customer receives:

  • A unique, dedicated customer care team to handle support and issue resolution
  • Responsive communication and accessibility to our team
  • Efficient and proactive problem solving
  • Comprehensive education and onboarding
  • Software maintenance cycle that treats your important issues as our important issues
  • Customer support team composed of former practitioners who use metrics to ensure we are exceeding your expectations
  • Consultative partner and advocate

We solve problems as they arise, but we also anticipate customer needs and provide value before customers encounter problems. As software and technology vendors across the nation struggle to deliver a positive customer experience, equivant Corrections prioritizes it through the creation of a unique Customer Success Plan—a plan that helps you realize the full value of your software investment.


Our Customer Success Plans include:

  • A deep understanding of your needs, business intricacies and challenges, and goals
  • Tailored solutions and a roadmap based on these goals
  • Open communication and collaboration from key stakeholders on all sides
  • Continuous support, training, and resources to empower your team
  • Active monitoring of progress towards your goals with KPIs; adapting as your needs evolve
  • Feedback-driven improvements; your experience helps shape our strategies and software 


Our dedication to your customer experience sets us apart. Contact us to discuss how our passion for your experience will help you maximize your software investment.

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