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All data on equivant Corrections’ solutions is safeguarded to protect sensitive information. We rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud, which meets the most stringent U.S. government security requirements and limits access to U.S.-based customers only.

Our policies, procedures, and systems are designed to the NIST 800 framework and are audited to the SOC-2 Type 2 standard–a national standard that provides confidence and assurance for our hosting customers. When we host your systems, we ensure your data is protected and encrypted, and we automate backups and retention policies. In addition, we provide 7×24 systems and security monitoring, software patching schedules in line with both high availability and high security objectives, and more. Beyond adhering to industry-leading hosting security practices, we also manage access to all our digital information,  software libraries, code quality, and more via two-factor authentication and identity management systems to ensure the software we develop and deliver is safe and secure. In short, you have mission critical data and systems you want to keep secure and industry regulations you must adhere to–we help you make that happen.

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