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The corrections space is a specialized subset of the justice system that requires solutions that can support highly capable professionals as they aim to manage inmates safely and effectively.

equivant Corrections understands our customers because our staff has been in our customers’ shoes. Our team of former practitioners held a variety of positions in many facilities and government agencies throughout the country. We know our customers’ struggles and needs because they were ours, too. By combining the practitioner perspective with the expertise of our in-house senior software engineers and architects, we are able to develop solutions that truly solve practitioner pain points.

Plus, our commitment to a premium customer experience drives every decision we make. As software and technology vendors across the nation struggle to deliver a positive customer experience, equivant Corrections prioritizes it through the creation of a unique Customer Success Plana plan that helps you realize the full value of your software investment.

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Learn more about those with whom we work closely to make an impact:

Jail Commanders

We know safety is always top of mind. We’re here to take as much stress off your plate as possible so that you can stay focused on optimizing the quality of life for inmates and the safety of staff. From automating larger management processes and providing validated alternate screenings to helping make data-based and confident classification decisions that support your reporting efforts and building out system to system data interfaces so that different stakeholders have the right access to pertinent information, equivant Corrections exists to offer you a comprehensive solution.

Classification Supervisors

Classification is a beast of its own within the corrections setting. When you are tasked with owning any and all day to day duties that come with it (housing, reporting, intake screenings, and more), you need a reliable and proven solution to support imperative decision making. Whether you’re looking for a complete, beginning to end software management package or are most attracted to specific solutions such as customized system to system data streams, equivant Corrections helps you to streamline your classification process, mitigate legal risk, streamline facility space and bed management, increase safety of staff and inmates, and save you time. 


As the public facing voice of your local justice system, it can be difficult to maintain high level oversight of your corrections operations while also ensuring that facilities are running as effectively as possible. Blending these two roles takes specialized knowledge of both sides – and requires you to provide resources relating to classification management, alternate screening solutions, decision making guidance, and most importantly – the data that tells you what is and isn’t working. equivant Corrections even offers system to system data interfaces and portals to allow for the simplified flow of information across departments to maintain progress and momentum.

IT Professionals

When your job revolves around ensuring that everyone in your corrections system stays up and running day in and day out, the software you work and integrate with is extremely crucial to your success. Our team at equivant Corrections works alongside you to roll out software customized for your needs, including data integration, comprehensive implementation, data migration of legacy system data, trusted hosting, and SOC-2 Type 2 informed compliance and security. We know that our progress is dependent on yours, which is exactly why our reporting system, data interface capabilities, and more support your role and simplify your to-do list.

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