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Solutions: Northpointe Decision Tree

Reduce classification time to just minutes with a practitioner- and court-tested point-and-click system.

At intake, time is often tight – and mistakes in the classification process can be dangerous and costly. This puts pressure on staff and unwanted risk on the facility as a whole. The Northpointe Decision Tree provides a solution that eases these concerns and transforms classification from a slow, subjective process to one that’s simple, fast, and well-proven. Taught by the National Institute of Corrections, it provides a defensible classification instrument to minimize litigation exposure. 

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The Northpointe Decision Tree transforms the complex, often hard to gauge process of determining the right housing and programming for inmates into a few simple steps. As the only automated classification instrument, it helps keep your inmates and staff safe.

By answering just a few questions, you will have a clear, data-driven decision on where best to house inmates.

Staff can be trained quickly and will be able to provide appropriate classification through answers around the inmate’s current charge, previous convictions, pending cases, known behavior problems and risk factors, and more.


  • Create substantial time savings for staff by utilizing the automated Northpointe Decision Tree
  • Protects facilities against liability — the Northpointe Decision Tree has been tested in court and withstood challenges
  • Improves staff and inmate safety by separating violent inmates from non-violent offenders and guiding proper treatment and housing considerations
  • User-friendly, essentially fail-safe, and requires very little training time to be proficient
  • Easily reclassify/review classification levels using times and triggers
  • Save time and simplify the necessary operational responses to changing inmate behavior


  • Classification Supervisors
  • Jail Commanders
  • Detention Center Staff
  • IT Staff
  • Inmates


The first step to successful reintegration and a safer facility is correct classification. When this is done, all other complementary steps related to treatment plans aligned to the inmate’s placement become more effective as they will be in the best environment to address their needs.

Additionally, the Northpointe Decision Tree greatly reduces staff stress by saving time, limiting litigation exposure, and creating a safer environment. A less stressed staff reduces turnover and facilitates a safer, more productive environment as all parties are more confident in the inmate’s assignment within the facility.

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  • Confidence in a solution developed by practitioners and created by a team of in-house senior software engineers with vast criminal justice expertise.
  • Legal protection in case of litigation
  • Exceptional customer service, including quarterly check-ins
  • Data-driven decisions and best practices
  • Time savings
  • Improved staff and inmate safety
  • Software that integrates quickly and seamlessly
  • Services including implementation, data integration, secure cloud hosting, research and validation studies, and business process review
  • A proven, person-centered approach

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