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Solutions: Portals

Give stakeholders customized access to inmate information and facilitate two-way communication.

Lack of information is perhaps the worst thing for those working for and worrying on behalf of someone in custody. This is most evident in those outside of the detention facility (lawyers, third-party treatment providers, judges, therapists, family members). And when there is a lack of two-way communication between any of them or with the facility, challenges arise related to programming, visitations, and release. We allow you to provide these parties access to inmate information via secure online portals that share information relevant to each audience while also assisting in communication between them. 

A variety of applications are available, including an inmate portal for the general public to gain inmate information and a judge’s portal for secure access to just the information needed by the judicial branch of your county. In addition, portals are accessible via all device formats–computer, tablet or mobile.

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What they do

Portals are designed around users who are categorized to receive certain credentials related to an inmate’s custody. Once they gain access to the portal, they’re able to access specific information quickly in order to make decisions and stay aware of an inmate’s progress.

This can include family members, judges, and third-party treatment providers, each of whom will have a unique interface with specific information available to them. 

By allowing stakeholders outside of the facility to access inmate information, it facilitates two-way communication between parties such as therapists, judges, case managers, third-party treatment providers, and legal counsel.   


  • Simplifies the flow of information across departments to keep progress moving swiftly
  • Inmate portals provide information to family, friends, and potential visitors, saving time at the jail
  • Allows stakeholders to track treatment plans, schedules, visitations, outcomes, and more 
  • Aids judges in accessing case details to monitor defendants and make decisions regarding bail and release
  • Ensures the highest standards of privacy and security in all exchanges


  • Classification Supervisors
  • Jail Commanders
  • Detention Center Staff
  • IT Staff
  • Third-party treatment providers
  • Inmates
  • Judges and judicial staff 
  • And more


Mystery is never helpful in relation to custody. By providing all important parties a portal into the status and plans for an inmate’s custody, it creates a more informed, comprehensive, and cohesive management plan. This is beneficial to family members who might otherwise be excluded from the process as well as the case management and treatment participants who are working together on the inmate’s behalf.

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  • Portals designed around user audiences mean less communication and coordination headaches for staff
  • Confidence in a solution developed by practitioners in partnership with in-house senior software architects
  • Informed, interconnected communication between stakeholders saves time and improves efficacy
  • Services including custom design and configuration of portals, secure access credentials, and option for a specialized mobile application
  • A proven, person-centered approach

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