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At the beginning of 2017, two Volaris portfolio  companies came together under the umbrella of the equivant brand: Courtview Justice Solutions Inc. and Northpointe Inc. The portfolio was created to better serve the justice community under a single name and to better focus on delivering superior solutions and results for everyone within the justice system.

equivant portfolio companies have offices in Ohio, Michigan, and Florida.

Constellation Software, Inc. (CSI) is a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange with an average growth of 38% year-over-year, over $5 billion in gross revenue, and over $310 million in net income. CSI has six major portfolios, its oldest being Volaris, in which the equivant portfolio resides.

Our applications are hosted through Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud, allowing our customers to only need a high speed internet connection to access our solutions.

On-site applications require an agency-provided array of hosting infrastructure, including redundant power, redundant telecommunications, redundant switching and routing and access to uninterrupted power in event of power outages to the local facility, whereas hosted applications offer a trusted and secure environment without the responsibility of managing multiple vendor agreements and providing 7×24 staffing and infrastructure operations. Implementation time and overall investment are also vastly decreased through a third-party hosting platform.

Onboarding is dependent on a variety of aspects and permissions that must be taken care of at the onset of any engagement. However, your team will be assigned an Implementation Specialist to walk you through every step of the process and who will own keeping all details moving on our end to ensure that you and your team can get up and running as soon as possible. Find out more about our implementation services here.

Absolutely. You can view a preview here or reach out to us now to schedule a live demo for you and your team.

Luckily for both your team and ours, you can expect the exact same experience from equivant that you have experienced (or heard of) with Northpointe. With the expansion into a portfolio of companies, we still build our solutions on the same Northpointe Suite software, and have expanded our capabilities in new areas of software, services,  and support. You can learn more about our portfolio of companies here.

Absolutely. Our dedicated Customer Care team is available to you if an issue arises, a question pops up, or if a new need emerges. Our current customers can always feel free to open a ticket at any time using our customer portal here.

Yes. The Decision Tree is built to walk you through simple questions or circumstances one by one. At the end of your brief, straightforward walkthrough, you will be given a recommendation – a decision – on where to house the particular inmate you were accounting for.

The equivant Corrections Custody Management solution is designed by former practitioners for ease of use by current practitioners in the field. Our team has over a century of combined experience working in correctional facilities around the country.In addition to the many great features that make up the Northpointe Suite, there exists a US-based software development and Research team that supports the ongoing improvement and enhancements based on our customers’ collective and specific needs. Importantly, our team and software engineers were innovators in creating a future-proof Data Interface API stack that is part of the core product and grows and expands intact from release to release.

In addition, our Decision Tree product is court-tested, nationally recognized, and is even taught by the National Institute of Corrections. It has become a defensible and highly sought after classification instrument and helps facilities greatly minimize litigation exposure.

Yes. The equivant Corrections Custody Management solution is extremely adaptable and functional to allow for the accommodation of agencies of any size, as well as their particular needs and operational nuances.

The equivant Corrections dashboard allows for users to see live data immediately upon signing into the platform. Viewing options include Pre-Built Reports, Quick Charts, and other capabilities to showcase the variety of data that lives within the solution.

Absolutely. The Northpointe Suite API software toolkit allows for an unlimited number of connections and integrations.

Yes. Each user that is registered in our system can be assigned to a certain security grouping which are able to control access accordingly.

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