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Corrections software solutions developed by practitioners partnered with an in-house team of senior software architects and developers.

Mitigate risks, streamline processes, and keep staff and inmates safe with software that guides decisions throughout custody.


What can be a painstaking, overwhelming task of managing inmates from beginning to end is made simpler, faster, and more effective with equivant Corrections. From classification and screenings, to detailed reporting and customized interfaces, each of our solutions has been developed by n house senior software architects and experienced practitioners who understand the struggles, needs, risks, and goals of working with individuals housed within your facility.

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Decision Tree
Northpointe Decision Tree

Streamline classification by using an automated system that provides staff the data needed to make informed and defensible decisions for housing, programming, and management.

Classification Management
Classification Management

Protect staff and inmates with a fully automated system that oversees classification from intake to release.

Custody Management
Custody Management

Make inmate management easier through an all-in-one solution that meets the needs of programs, facilities, inmates, data, and staff.

Alternative Screenings
Alternative Screenings

Develop more targeted treatment plans and protocols via in-depth assessments that uncover what each inmate needs for successful reintegration.


Quickly pull a wide range of reports to identify and track meaningful trends using ad hoc, pre-built, or custom reporting.

Data Interfaces

Avoid double entry and data inconsistency, and ensure assessments, treatment plans, and every aspect of an individual’s custody management plan can be shared between systems.


Provide access to inmate information for family members, third-party treatment providers, and judges for better collective decision making throughout custody.

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Sentence Calculator

Easily and accurately calculate an inmate’s release date