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Solutions: Reporting

Easily access all data fields to evaluate overall operations and individual inmate management.

Pulling data from most systems is a daunting task–volume, complexity, and incomplete data often lead organizations to depend on offline spreadsheets and silos of information. The Northpointe Suite reporting system has been designed by practitioners partnered with an in-house team of senior software architects to make the most useful information readily available and custom reports easily doable. In a few clicks, classification supervisors, administrators, and program staff can find information in order to see what is and isn’t working per inmate and across the entire facility.

Prison Data Display
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Our reporting solution prioritizes information access so that data vital to the successful operation of your facility and treatment of inmates is readily available.  

Pre-built, user-friendly interfaces put the most vital information on dashboards so users can see it at a glance every time they sign in. 

The flexibility of the system empowers facilities to create ad-hoc data extracts in just moments via easily understood menus, filters, and selection tools — so information is there when and as needed. 


  • Ad-hoc report generation tool based on a variety of fields allows for the custom creation of an unlimited number of roster reports, statistical tabulations, and charts
  • Data extracts on any aspect of an inmate’s path, including inmate risk reports, current supervision level reports, case planning, history, and more
  • Access to pre-built reports that other jails like you have requested
  • Pre-built dashboards that users can access to see data immediately upon signing in
  • Quick charts, pre-built reports, and report-building capability to access the information in the database
  • Add-on option to integrate 3rd-party report building systems for added functionality 
  • Users are assigned to specific security groups to control access


  • Classification Supervisors
  • Jail Commanders
  • Detention Center Staff
  • IT Staff
  • Inmates


Data-informed decisions are crucial to effective inmate and facility management, as well as risk mitigation and funding. By having the facts of custody together into one easily accessible database and pulling information regularly or as needed for additional depth and topics, you will have a comprehensive view of your operation and will be able to make well-informed, data-backed choices. Information at your fingertips can improve budgeting and resource allocation.

Tablet Data Reporting Review
Laptop Data Interface


  • Robust reporting tools to cover all data fields related to inmate custody
  • Easy-to-understand and navigate interfaces
  • Confidence in a solution developed by a mature and experienced software company focused on the needs of practitioners
  • Services including implementation, data integration, secure cloud hosting, research and validation studies, and business process review
  • A proven, person-centered approach