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Join our team of expert practitioners for specialized in-person workshops to learn industry best practices, gain outstanding networking opportunities with colleagues, and leave with key takeaways that you can begin implementing immediately within your facility.

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Classification Training Workshops

During our Classification Training Workshops, you’ll learn how to augment the safety and security of your facility and streamline your operations.

Today’s inmate management requires an all-inclusive approach and a myriad of daily macro and micro decisions made by your staff related to every incarcerated person within your facility. These decisions not only impact your inmates, but every employee within your jail as well. From medical and mental health treatment to substance abuse programming, housing, work assignments, community corrections, and pretrial release, every aspect of your operations is affected by comprehensive jail management – and it all starts with classification.

Our team at equivant Corrections understands that the challenges you face are both complex and deep and continue to become more difficult with each passing year. Having the tools and training to understand how to efficiently and effectively navigate these challenges is imperative. Our facilitators come to the table with over 50 years of combined experience – they have been in your shoes and have experienced what you are experiencing. Our team has traveled around the country and worked with jails just like yours that are seeking to make life easier and safer for their staff and the inmates in their care. Leverage our knowledge and experience to help you evaluate current processes, make necessary enhancements, and drive progress and efficiency for all. 

Corrections Officer Communicating with Staff

WORKSHOP Topics include

Created for both new and experienced industry professionals, including:

  • Jail Administrators
  • Sheriffs
  • Training Personnel
  • Operations Staff
  • Security Staff
  • Programs Staff
  • Supervisory Staff
  • Population Managers
  • Classification Staff

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Goffstown, NH – August 20, 2024 

Denver, CO – September 17, 2024 

Las Vegas, NV – October 14, 2024 

San Marcos, TX – November 5, 2024 

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