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Solutions: Data Interfaces

Bridge data between different systems and create easily navigable, comprehensive information hubs.

When specific details about an inmate lives in one system and cannot easily be shared with another, it creates silos of information and applications that can slow down facility operations and hinder efficiency. The value of a single, user-friendly interface for corrections management cannot be overstated. That’s why we provide data interfaces that bring together disparate systems to make tools and data easily accessible and workflows more effective.

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Data Interface

What they do

Northpointe Suite data interfaces give facilities the flexibility to choose from a robust and well-documented set of data exchange options and a number of pre-built options to create a resource that incorporates data sharing across diverse systems so that you avoid double entry and information silos. 

Data Interfaces can be customized in a number of ways, allowing for additional features and interactions between disparate systems to create pre-filled forms, automated assessment results, and much more. For example, our interfaces allow for drug testing company results to be quickly and effectively pulled into an inmate’s profile. Likewise, data interfaces can also automate the sending of data from your jail management system to state or county systems. 

Additionally, our data integration experts ensure your interfaces are integrated into any existing system you need to ensure uniform data and avoidance of double data entry.  


  • Ensures assessments, treatment plans, and every aspect of an individual’s custody management plan can be shared between systems and accessed at a glance
  • Northpointe Suite APIs allow partner agencies to build custom interfaces to fit the specific needs of their staff, inmates, and operations
  • Personalized data streams for classification supervisors, jail commanders, and other staff 
  • For Classification Management Implementations, allows seamless data sharing between your legacy jail management system and our Classification Management System
  • Connects data across platforms 
  • For Custody Management implementations, allows you to maintain real-time data connections between your new jail management system and the various county, state, and third-party systems needed to ensure consistent use of enterprise-wide data


  • Classification Supervisors
  • Jail Commanders
  • Detention Center Staff
  • IT Staff
  • Inmates
  • Third-party information sharing partners


The ability to access and share data across software solutions and between organizations, companies, and departments is absolutely essential to modern-day custody management – and that depends on a proven library of mature data exchange APIs, the expertise to implement them, and the practical knowledge to make it easy to use. Because of our unique history as a mature software company led by practitioners, we are able to provide the essentials to ensure smooth functioning of your facility while serving the needs of your staff and inmates.

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  • Easy-to-understand and navigate data interfaces
  • Confidence in a solution developed by a mature and experienced software company focused on the needs of practitioners
  • Experienced and expert support to enhance, alter, or build your interfaces
  • All inmate information in one place means time savings
  • Services including data exchange analysis, data integration planning and project management, data exchange testing, and easy extensions to data exchanges based on changing requirements 
  • A proven Northpointe Suite Data Exchange API that is used by state and county agencies across the United States

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