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equivant Corrections and the Northpointe Decision Tree

By: Greg Eash, COO, equivant Corrections

Northpointe, Inc.’s, now known as equivant Corrections, journey through the landscape of criminal justice innovation is closely intertwined with the development and refinement of the Decision Tree methodology. Founded in 1989 by Dr. Tim Brennan and Dave Wells, Northpointe emerged as a pioneer in leveraging technology to enhance decision-making processes within the justice system. At the heart of its mission was a commitment to promoting fairness, efficiency, and public safety through the application of data-driven approaches.

Decision Tree, one of Northpointe’s seminal contributions, represented a significant breakthrough in the field of risk assessment. The concept behind the Northpointe Decision Tree was straightforward, yet profound. Used for inmate classification since 1989, it offers a superior approach to assessing and managing incarcerated individuals within correctional facilities. Its effectiveness lies in its systematic analyses of multiple risk factors and characteristics, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of each inmate’s profile. By considering a diverse range of variables such as criminal history, offense severity, and behavioral indicators, Northpointe Decision Tree can generate more nuanced and accurate risk assessments compared to traditional methods.

Moreover, Northpointe Decision Tree’s hierarchical structure facilitates efficient decision-making by guiding jail administrators and correctional staff through a logical sequence of criteria to determine appropriate inmate classifications. This streamlines the process of assigning housing, supervision, and programming, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing operational efficiency within the facility.

Additionally, Northpointe Decision Tree’s predictive modeling capabilities enable proactive risk management, allowing staff to identify high-risk individuals early and implement targeted interventions to mitigate potential threats to safety and security. This proactive approach not only enhances staff and inmate safety but also supports the successful rehabilitation and reintegration of inmates into society upon release. Overall, Northpointe Decision Tree offers a more effective, efficient, and accurate means of managing correctional populations, ultimately contributing to improved outcomes for both inmates and communities.

In 2018, Northpointe underwent a significant transformation when it rebranded as equivant. This rebranding initiative marked more than just a change in name; it signaled a renewed commitment to innovation and a broader vision for the future. equivant seeks to expand our reach beyond the realm of criminal justice, leveraging our expertise in data analytics and software development to address pressing issues in other areas, such as court management. 

equivant Corrections is a business unit under the equivant (formerly Northpointe) brand and serves facilities and agencies nationwide with the innovative Northpointe Decision Tree and other custody and classification management solutions. Today, equivant Corrections stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Northpointe’s pioneering spirit and the transformative potential of data-driven decision-making. As technology continues to evolve and society grapples with complex issues of justice and social welfare, equivant remains committed to advancing the frontiers of innovation and driving positive change through its holistic and practitioner-driven approach to problem-solving. To find out more about equivant Corrections services and solutions, please contact us

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