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Top Five Ways equivant Corrections’ Custody Management System Helps Facilities Save Time

By: Priscilla Torres, equivant Corrections’ Product Implementation Specialist

equivant’s Custody Management System is designed to enhance the efficiency of managing facilities. With this all-in-one solution, you can track data including person/booking information, behavior history, programming participation, and more. Plus, the easy-to-view layouts and color-coded alerts allow for management at a glance. Here are the top five ways our Custody Management System can save you time:


1. Automated Booking Processes

Our software automates the booking process, reducing the time and effort required for data entry and paperwork. It allows for quick and accurate capture of essential information during intake, including personal details, charges, and property inventory. This automation ensures that booking procedures are standardized, minimizing errors and expediting the entire intake process.


2. Inmate Information Centralization

Centralized inmate information makes data easily accessible to authorized personnel. This eliminates the need for manual searches through paperwork or multiple systems to find relevant data. In addition, centralized information ensures that staff can quickly retrieve details on inmate status, court dates, medical records, and other critical information, saving time during daily operations.


3. Efficient Inmate Movement Tracking

The software can track inmate movements within the facility, such as transfers, releases, and medical appointments. This real-time tracking minimizes the time spent on manual coordination and communication between different departments. And, accurate and timely information on inmate movements contributes to better resource allocation and enhances overall facility security


4. Risk Mitigation and Compliance Automation

The system includes built-in compliance checks and risk management features. By automating these processes, agencies can help ensure that transactions and activities adhere to regulatory requirements without manual intervention. Additionally, automated compliance checks reduce the risk of errors and oversights, saving time that would otherwise be spent on manual audits and corrections.


5. Customization and Integration

Strategic customizations and integrations provide an opportunity  to tailor the system to  specific needs and preferences. This flexibility ensures that the system adapts to evolving requirements without requiring extensive manual adjustments. It also integrates seamlessly with other record management databases, facilitates data sharing, and reduces duplicate data entry. This is particularly beneficial for organizations experiencing expansion or changes in population volume.


While many facilities are focused on Classification Management, agencies hoping to streamline operations should look for a robust Custody Management System (that includes a proven Classification Management System) to create a more efficient facility. A well-designed custody management system can save time through automation of documentation and reporting, efficient inmate tracking and monitoring, and integration with other systems. These time-saving features contribute to improved operational efficiency, better resource utilization, reduced operational and risk costs, and improved overall operations for facilities. For more information about our Custody Management System, click here. Or, reach out to get a demo scheduled. 

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